Thursday, January 1, 2009


"Dear Obama,Biden,Hillary,Rice!

Tamils in Srilanka suffered enough under the racist,brutal Sinhala regimes from 1948-2008.Please help the poor,powerless,helpless Tamils get their freedom or full autonomy in NESL. Will you take this matter to UN/SC?"

Shan Nalliah Gandhiyist, Norway - Foreign Policy
"Cant we have an organization like United Nations for Foreign Affairs where we can keep a member from all the countries in the world even it is Zimbawe or Srilanka so we can hear their problems and help them with PEACE & SOLUTIONS rather than war"

Bins, India
"Mr President,
Sincerely you have to look at the way some states define terrorism. States like Srilanka exploited this post 911. Hillary clarified this during early campaign. You too know this. Am sure you have the power to clean rogue states like SL"

Trueblue.citizen, Sydney, AU

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