Saturday, May 17, 2008



We saw the mankind have gone through various changes from barbarism to human-friendship and cooperation and established civilised states based on humanrights, democratic values,equal respect to all languages,religions,cultures and ethnic groups.

But unfortunately some states are look like civilised democratic socialist states but they have racism and hidden racism based on hatred, jealous, angry, fear because of ignorance and instablity among their own personality. They are using democratic methods to manipulate and oppress,exploit the poor and helpless minorities.In some cases, for example South African minority apartheid regime oppressed majority people of native black africans.

Can we establish a world/states where all humans respect each others humanrights and give them equal opportunities,equal freedom, equal justice as well as equal distribution of goods and services? Majority rule in many countries whether in east or west and north or south, they neglected and marginalised the minorities and even destroyed their lives and properties and even took over their land and chased them away as refugees/IDPs.Many minorities or powerless poor people perished without a noise and nobody helped them. But some brave people among minorities fought them back and sacrificed their lives and made them realised that
If you destroy others then you have to face the consequences from somebody and answer them.

We hope all minorities of the world come together and establish a strong World Minorities Organisation(WMF) to negotiate with World Nations Organisation(UNO) which only represents the 192 countries of majority peoples' will and aspirations.Eventhough UNHRC, UNHCR looking after the complains about minority rights violations they couldn't do very much .

Time has come for all world minorities to get together to fight for their survival in this globalised
busy world which is going in every direction the wrong way whether in environmental protection, arms race,nuclear chaos,energy monopoly,food inflation and scarcity, greediness,
luxury and over consumption, freedom barriers of people between rich and poor countries as well as cultural blind road etc. Most of the minorities are native people or aborigins or refugees and immigrants who believe in traditional way of life.

United We Stand ! Divided We Fall!!

All peace loving minorities Unite to get justice,truth,freedom,equality,safety and harmony!!!