Monday, November 17, 2008


Obama not the only minority president
The late President John Kennedy was the first Irish/Catholic to be elected to office representing a minority community. He was assassinated. His brother Robert Kennedy was assassinated the day he won the Presidential Primaries. JFK’s son John Kennedy Jnr. and his wife Caroline both died in a mysterious plane crash.

The post of President of the USA has primarily been controlled by WASPs (White Anglo, Saxon Protestants). Obama’s election as 44th President of the USA is, in my opinion, a highly political one plotted and planned to defuse the unpopularity of America. It could have been seen from the media exposure, given to Obama during his campaign, that Joe Biden, his running mate, now VP, only received 1 per cent exposure. The propaganda worked; America has re-emerged as The Most Powerful Country in the World! Its imperialistic stance shown previously has also been de-fused giving way to its image as the country espousing democracy, fraternity, and equality.

Incumbent President Bush will be remembered for (a) Deposing and executing Iraq’s Saddam Hussein whose reign resulted in: the Iran/Iraq war which lasted eight years and killed a million on each side. ‘the invasion of Kuwait, and the ill-treatment and genocide of Northern Iraq’s Kurds. (b) ousting Taliban rule in Afghanistan. whose actions reeked of fundamentalist Islam, directed mostly at Afghan women who lost the right to work, to dress as they liked and whose lives were made miserable by Islamic militants (c) for weakening Islamic fundamentalism (d) for decreasing terrorist attacks by Palestinian extremists on Israelis (Saddam Hussein used to handsomely reward the families of Palestinian suicide bombers whose suicide vests were provided by him) and (e) foe introducing Democracy to the Middle East. The Middle East has a long way to go, but they are finally on the correct path. These are the things Bush will be remembered for, not now but much later.

Linda van Schagen,
Mt. Lavinia.


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